How I work

  • I charge by the hour, with a negotiated flat rate for event days if required.
  • On receiving your brief I provide a detailed estimate*. We sign a contract. I keep a strict timesheet to submit with my invoice.
  • I work from my home office, or from your office if the project requires it.
  • My hourly rate includes all pre-production personal and office expenses when working in Cape Town.
  • On multi-day events I prefer to be housed at the hotel in which our delegates or participants are staying, or where we’re hosting the event.
  • If the event takes place outside of Cape Town I will bill for all travel and accommodation expenses incurred.

*I draw on my extensive experience to provide the best possible estimate of the amount of time I’ll need for your project. However, due to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of events, there are many variables which can change as a project develops (not least of all the client’s brief!); we will discuss these upfront.

I work openly, honestly and with absolute professionalism. I integrate well into your team or work efficiently on my own.
I always stay calm, I always deliver, and my attention to detail is microscopic.

I look forward to working with you! Please use the contact details below to get in touch.