Cape Town Festival

cape town festival

Interim Project Manager

January – April 2005

Replacing the Festival’s fulltime Project Manager who was on maternity leave, I started the contract seven weeks before the Festival itself. This was a challenging and stimulating position which required me to:

  • manage four task teams coordinating various aspects of the Festival (15 staff members plus approximately 20 volunteers)
  • support and assist the Festival CEO who was battling with ill health for some of the time
  • coordinate and manage various aspects of the Festival myself, including the Premiere evening, the Human Right’s Day Concert in the Company’s Garden, the Comedy Festival at Mannenberg’s Jazz Café and assorted cocktail functions
  • oversee the design, compilation and printing of the Festival programme
  • liaise directly with the Mayor’s Office, other funders, sponsors and Festival partners, and the CT Festival Board
  • oversee the community outreach aspect of the Festival which involved various satellite festivals on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Yusuf Ganief, then CEO, Cape Town Festival