Big World Cinema

big world cinema

Assistant Producer

May 2000 – November 2002, Full-time Position

In the capacity of Assistant Producer and Production Manager I worked on approximately 25 productions, including documentary, fiction, commercials and music videos.

On these projects I contributed to all stages of development, research, raising finance, production, post production, delivery and distribution.

Projects include:

  • It’s My Life by Brian Tilley (Production Manager)
  • The Black by Eddie Edwards (Assistant Producer)
  • Proteus by John Greyson & Jack Lewis (Assistant Producer)

In addition, I worked on the Encounters South African International Documentary Festival & Laboratory for three editions as the Coordinator. This involved coordinating all aspects of the Festival, including screenings, guests, functions, workshops, publicity, funding and much more.

Steven Markovitz, Producer
Platon Trakoshis, Producer
083 290 1502